Every client is different, and has different challenges at different times.

Some are in very competitive areas such as E-commerce, SaaS or Industrial Product and they need to grow, and capture customers. They have great product or provide excellent service, and getting the opportunity to provide a product, quote or proposal for a client can create a long term customer with a high value.

I have also worked with many (Lawyers, Trades, Retail, etc) that just want to maintain a steady flow of leads or traffic to keep them and their staff busy and keep abreast or ahead of the competition.

I have also had clients with products or services so innovative that no one is searching for them or even aware that they might exist. By putting together innovative strategies, we have been able to build a hot lead list or build interest out of very little.

Here are just a few case studies from clients I have worked with over the years.

Increased The Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to over 1200% for a major Aftermarket Auto Parts Dealer

This was a premium Aftermarket Auto Parts Dealer who wanted to grow their market share. When I took over, the campaigns was not set up too badly, but there was a lot of wated spend.

The challenge was to boost awareness & help potential customers understand the value of the products. This was also somewhat of a “Lifestyle” brand, so ads were created to promote that aspect of the brand and I used Google Display Network, YouTube, and other Progrmatic options to get the message out to their target market.

Growth in Google Ads

Some of the things I did to achieve this: 

  • Eliminated poor quality placements and ensured their spend was well-focused to show ads only to likely customers. (Low-hanging fruit)
  • Restructured campaigns to control the spend on “Brand” searches and ensure a majority of the budget went to people searching more generally.
  • Restructured campaign spending to treat “immediate need” or “repair” products differently from “Neat to have” products.
  • Set up narrow “Custom Intent” audiences to target those searching for or potentially interested in specific products or with certain types of vehicles and set up corresponding information or remarketing campaigns. 
  • Set up proper shopping & shopping remarketing campaigns.
  • Set up “Performance Max” campaigns where appropriate.
  • Set up a comprehensive tracking & reporting system – set up to inform strategic decisionn-making
  • Worked with their web team to create and/or improve landing pages and conversion rates.
  • Build specific remarketing campaigns (Video, Display & Discovery/Lead Gen to keep the brand & products top of mind while people shopped & consider which brand to buy. Collateral ranged from image & brand ads to detailed “How To” videos & articles.
  • Promoted many of the great articles & videos the company had already produced through Demand Gen campaigns and on YouTube.
  • Improved conversion tracking to better track & credit the high number of phone calls and people who looked for a local dealer.

Achieving over 2500% ROAS for a specialty retailer

This was a specialty retailer and initially, they had exclusive distribution rights in Canada for some high demand products in their niche. Exclusivity would not last forever, but by building up their loyal customer base and targeting their ad spend, as well as ensuring their many small “parts” products were easily found, this retailer was able to compete in an area dominated by some of the biggest retailers in Canada.

Progress Coffee

Some of the things I did to achieve this: 

  • Dramatically improved the focus of the ad spend.
  • Set up specialized ad groups for flagship and high-margin products.
  • Added well-targeted Display & Video campaigns to boost brand awareness.
  • Promoted & highlighted the “Bricks & Mortar” location to promote foot traffic. In addition, highlighting the fact that they had a brick-and-mortar location helped build trust for online sales.  
  • Properly set up Shopping & Shopping Remarketing Campaigns.
  • Set up Display Campaigns to build brand awareness with the people who would be most interested in these specialty products through bespoke custom intent audiences.
  • Limited use of “Performance Max” campaigns for certain products.
  • Expanded into the US market for some product segments while maintaining (almost) the same ROAS.

2500%  ROAS is exceptional, and I would not want to raise expectations about what I can do.  This supplier had a spectrum of in-demand products and also supplied specific parts which could be hard to find… but we made easy to find.  We also promoted heavily to past customers to buy more, which did very well.  

Cost Per Acquisition down from $297 to $46 for a Major IT Services provider.

This IT Services provider supplied specialized transition options & support to medium & large size companies. A closed sale could be worth anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 over the course of a contract. One key challenge was making sure their sales team did not get too many calls from home users with the same problem or challenge.  

Some of the things I did to achieve this: 

  • Set up different campaigns to target their separate different service offerings & control budget & landing pages.
  • Extensive work to “thread the needle” on their keywords to make sure they only showed for likely customers, and not a lot of home users looking for free info on what they do on an enterprise level.
  • Promoted articles & more information through “Demand Gen” campaigns to inexpensively build brand & product awareness with the target market through creating custom intent audiences.
  • Integrated their conversion tracking with their third-party CRM system for better long-term tracking.
  • Focussed targeting on large companies, since the “Enterprise” level accounts were most lucrative for them.
  • Most Importantly: Talked regularly with the frontline sales team to get feedback on the quality of the leads and made adjustments when they were getting the wrong calls or form submissions.


This company produces specialty, heavy duty industrial products worth anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 each. One challenge was there are also $5 consumer products that could use the same search keywords. I devised a unique strategy to create custom intent audience that worked really well. This and regularly checking what keywords were being used and keeping the spend focussed the company, which would not relay specific results regularly assure us that “The phones are ringing”.

Growth in Google Ads

Some of the things I did to achieve this: 

  • Set up campaigns & ad groups to target specific industrial segments and focus the spend where needed.
  • Successfully expanded into the South American market with English & Spanish Ads
  • Set up Discovery/Demand Gen campaigns with quality technical information
  • Added video campaigns to promote the great content they had featuring their CEO. The CEO hated it when he went to South America & the guys at their facility quoted his tagline from the video we had been running back to him…but from a marketer’s perspective, I’m calling it a win.

Driving thousands of visits, orders, and franchise inquiries for a cross Canada restaurant franchise.

his was a growing restaurant franchise in that awkward space inbetween fast food and sit down dining. Particularly during covid & after, there was great potential to boost their online orders and boost awareness through Google Display & YouTube to drive instore visits, and later, Franchise Inquiries.

restaurant marketing

Some of the things I did to achieve this: 

  • Set up location-specific ads and separated out “brand” searches from “non-brand” searches so that most of the budget would go to “non-brand” searches.
  • Integrated with Google Local Services to show ads to people looking for lunch or dinner near their locations.
  • Timed ads to start showing just before lunch to early evening to maximize the spend during the times people were making decisions.
  • Targeted video & display ads to people who visited the restaurant to encourage repeat visits, and people who searched or visited competitors or ate out a lot.
  • Integrated with their online ordering app so that we could track and “maximize conversion value” for online orders.
  • Worked with their website team to create a website structure that reflected the way people searched.
  • Set up Display promotions for new store openings and cross-franchise promotions.
    Set up a successful Franchise campaign.
  • This company wanted to grow their number of locations, so we set up a campaign to bring in new franchisees.  It  brought in “one or two” quality inquiries per month. Since “Buy A Franchise” type searches can be quite expensive, I set up display and video campaigns to target people researching franchise options with these less expensive ads.

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