I have created, improved, and worked on hundreds of Google Ads campaigns over the years.  

Here are the factors that set me apart from other Google Ads consultants.  

Advanced Marketing Strategies & Reach

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Keeping your budget focused and your ads and keywords well targeted is one of the most important parts of being successful with Google Ads.  Doing this right is key to success.   

But beyond just targeting the “Search” where the most expensive clicks are, I can, when appropriate, devise strategies to target the whole customer journey, build brand awareness, keep your brand or product top of mind, and provide additional information while your potential clients or customers make their decisions.   

Combined with good web metrics and regular optimization, this is the best way to out-compete the competition and make the most of your marketing investment.  

Marketing Expertise

I come from a marketing background, not a tech background. From my degree from SFU to most of my recent reading, I try to stay immersed in the latest marketing trends and ideas. I can come up with creative ideas, and apply the latest ideas from neuroscience to new digital tools to see what works best.

Avoid the Agency Overhead

I work directly with business owners and marketing managers to build and run top quality Google Ads & Digital Marketing campaigns that stay ahead of the competion and bring in the business you need. I strive to keep communications efficient and ensure the time I spend is focussed on building your business through running & creating campaigns.

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A Skeptical Eye on AI

Do You Believe Google’s AI is working for you? I would suggest you should be skeptical. Google has a near monopoly and needs to keep its share prices up. Of course, Google is going to tell you that all of their innovations and “machine learning” tools are working for you and that you can trust them. Sometimes they are right. There are some great tools to leverage. But often, Recommendations & suggestions are made to help Google’s bottom line. I ensure your budget is focused on where you need it to go.  Doing this will keep you ahead of your competitors.

What matters is your bottom line

Reporting and analyics are important and give great insights, but they don’t always tell the whole story. I know from many studies I have run that solid awareness and information campaigns help drive more sales than just running search campaigns. If people have heard of your company, they are more likely to click on your ad or organic listing.

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Target The Whole Customer Journey

Most customer decisions are “multi-touch”. Often, people will research, question, and contemplate before they make a purchase decision – large or small. Digital Marketing strategies have to account for this behaviour, and bring home more sales or generate leads. How do we find the most lucrative customers or clients? Great metrics mean nothing unless your overall numbers are moving in the right direction.

Call or Message Today

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can make the most of your Google Ads Campaigns and all of your Digital Ads Spending.  

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Areas of Expertise

I have worked in a lot of areas over the years. Here are some where I have the most experience and enjoy working in.

Google Ads for Industrial Products & B2B

The person you need to talk to might be on the golf course, but they will definitely be online.

There are some unique strategies to get in front of exactly the right people in any industry. From 3D printing to industrial pumps and more, I have worked with industrial suppliers to build their sales funnel and ensure they get in front of the people who will buy their products.


E-Commerce campaigns can be challenging & competitive. I have worked on very large accounts with thousands of dollars in spending per day, and niche products that need to get to generate good sales on a limited budget. A general benchmark Return on Ad Spend for e-commerce is 400%, but I have run campaigns with up to 2,000% ROAS. Shopify? WooCommerce? No Problem.

New & Innovative Products

How do you get the word out on a new product when no one is searching Google for it, or even has an idea that your product exists? This is a problem I have solved a few times to good success. Through a good understanding of who your potential customer is, or what they are interested in, there are tools beyond just Search Ads to get potential customers to your website or into your sales funnel.

Small Businesses & Solo-preneurs

Running a small business is tough, and there is never enough time.

While many Google Ads consultants are only looking for high paying clients, I am happy to work with the right small clients as well: Trades, Retail Stores, Health Care Provders & Solo-peneurs to keep the clients coming so you can focus on what you do best. I know you have a limited marketing budget that you need to make the most of, and limited time to spend on it.

Ask if my low-maintenance account special might be for you.

Inbound Marketing

The key requirement of inbound Marketing is making sure you are found by the right people and best potential customers. Organic SEO & Paid Google Ads are perfect for Inbound Marketing   In addition, there are other tools & strategies to get people looking for you and keep your sales funnel growing.

Software & SaaS

This tends to be a challenging area. Your competitors are tech-savvy, so they will be on top of most of the digital marketing tools. Clicks can be expensive if your “Lifetime Value Of A Customer” is high. I have found that solid feedback from your frontline sales team is key to success here. That way, we can focus your budget on the best potential customers & clients and keep the quality leads coming.  

Do You Have Issues?

I have done a lot of work on political campaigns, controverial issues or just getting a message out. I can combine my knowlege & background in these areas with the digital tools available to create strong Digital Public Relations campaigns that get the right information out to the right people.

Other Things I Do:

Copy Writing – I can create copy when needed for landing pages or blog posts. 

Programmatic Advertising & other platforms – Do you need to get beyond Google & Social Media & gain visibility on other top websites?  I have had success in building brand and issue awareness on other platforms to gain even more reach.  

Social Media Management – not my specialty, but I can do it as well as most.

Landing Page/Conversion Rate Optimization – a much underused area.  Doubling your Conversion Rate gets you to the same place as doubling your spending much more efficiently.  

Search Engine Optimization – Creating good Paid Traffic Landing Pages is often similar to creating good pages for Search Engines.  I have extensive experience in creating strategies & results to bring in organic traffic. 

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