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Focus Group Reports

Fast, Accurate, Organized

Free up your time to deal with clients and your business.

There is no need to spend hours, sometimes days toiling over your focus group report the client is waiting for while your time would be better spent working on the next phase of strategy or cultivating the next client. Focus Group Reports can produce that report for you quickly and accurately.

You will receive an organized report with all important quotes organized into themes, Methodology, an Executive Summary, and Table of Contents that summarizes the findings.  You and your client will have a full understanding of the key points and findings from your focus group within a day or so and be ready to take the next steps.

All you do is add your insights – the “special sauce” that you bring to the table as a moderator and researcher – the areas where you and your relationship bring value to the client.

We can produce a report within a day, and sometime overnight, allowing you to move on to the next stage of your client’s strategy faster, and with all of the information available.

Reduce confirmation bias and get to the story that needs to be told.

You can “Skype” your Focus Group to us in real time, or send good quality MP3 files right after the groups are concluded, and we will get started.
We will protect client and participant confidentiality at all times.

Call for a quote:  (CDN $1000, US$ 750 for two, two hour groups on an average turn-around)