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Book Summary: Web Copy That Sells – By Maria Veloso

The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time

First off, cheapest this book gets top marks for actually providing a simple, straightforward “Blueprint” for actually writing good copy.  One that you can apply with your next client.  This book also focuses more on copy that can get an immediate response, from a single exposure. web copythat sells

Writing for the web is different.  It is a different medium and those surfing the web are in a different mode than those reading a magazine or newspaper.  Further, while your “Buy Here” button may be close, your competitor is only one click away.


  •  The Headline in the first screen that people see is crucial. Follow with a strong subheading.  Be aware that people ‘skim’ on the web.  Ask questions.
  •  Selling on the web is text driven.  No need for big logos.
  •  Use bullets, bold & italics, and other highlights for emphasis.
  •  Evoke proven emotional drivers.  People buy with emotion and justify with logic.
  •  Identify your prospect’s problem, and why it can be solved now.
  •  Do not litter your website with ways for your reader to get distracted. Build involvement.
  •  Remember – people buy benefits, not features.
  •  Focus on Opt in offers and continue to sell on your “order form”.  Email Marketing copy can be more important than website copy.
  •  Include a powerful testimonial early on in the copy. Position testimonials strategically through the website.
  •  Do not make your site look like an ad or billboard.  Avoid Hype. People go online for information.
  •  Write in an editorial style. Let your copy slide into a sales pitch.  People buy from people they like and trust.  Take time to build a relationship.
  •  Capture Contact information as the first step.

Criticism – there is no mention of search engines, and the importance of getting the right keywords in the right place.  When getting keywords into a heading is important, it adds another layer of challenge to the copywriting process.


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