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Book Summary: Call to Action – Bryan Eisenberg & Jeffery Eisenberg

How Innovative Marketers use Digital Information to turn Browsers into BuyersCall to Action

Call to Action – Bryan Eisenberg & Jeffery Eisenberg

 Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

 This book is very dense on online marketing information – just about every page has a good idea, cites a useful study, or strong recommendation based upon experience.

The same conversion goal or singular conversion path for everyone is a foolproof recipe for mediocrity in web performance. Instead, use scenario design to help create, define, and measure more effective conversion paths.

If you want a persuasive web site, you must incorporate this at the design stage.  Your web site should be about your customer, not about the company.

The most important thing on your web site is the words, particularly the verbs.  Write personally.

  • Clearly communicate our value proposition.  What makes it valuable to consumers?
  • You have 8 seconds for someone to figure out what your web site is all about. Your call to action has to be very obvious.  Be aware customers will ‘skim’ and ‘Scan’.
  • Viewing starts at the centre of the page, them moves left and right.  Make sure your USP is clear and prominent.
  • Divide your customers into personas, and address those personas individually.  (There is a lot of information here about creating and targeting different personas.
  • Persuasion is impossible without appealing to a person’s emotions.
  • On the Internet, people follow a hub and spoke strategy – they only follow a trail that is strong.
  • Keep persuasive momentum going – you must go beyond basic usability. Drive urgency.  Motivate your visitors, and you have done half the job.
  • Web content means writing links – a link is a call to action that will drive momentum.
  • 70% of people prefer tangible, concrete concepts over abstractions.  Focus on benefits.
  • Balance opportunity with overload to prevent “analysis paralysis”.
  • Use metrics to test and improve your web site. Interactivity is always a conversion booster.
  • Inspire the customer’s confidence and trust in you. The right amount of quality information is a good way to do this.
  • Answer objections at your “Point of Action”. Answer unspoken questions.
  • Free shipping is the #1 online promotion. Highlight your Money Back Guarantee.
  • Embedded Links are much more important than the navigation scheme.
  • Forms where people do not have to scroll work a lot better.

The first thing your homepage or landing page has to do is convince the visitor they are in the right place – that you have what they seek.

& Many More (Great Book)


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